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What is a Dental Implant? - Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey - Oral and Dental Health Clinic - Istanbul

We work passionately to create the youngest smiles for patients who need their natural teeth replaced.

If your teeth are damaged in a way that makes it impossible to reconstruct with a filling, or if one or more of your teeth are missing, we can give your face a smile as well as a strong bite and speaking ability with the use of Dental Implants. Dental Implant is an artificial Dental Implant tooth root made of titanium and placed in the jawbone to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Over time, this artificial Dental Implant tooth root fuses with the jaw and palate bone and is the best alternative to natural tooth roots.

How the Treatment Process of the Dental Implant Goes

Usually, as in tooth extraction, it is anesthetized by applying local anesthesia and the surgical procedure is applied. In addition, dental implants are applied using open and closed methods. Implants placed in the bone adhere to the bone as in fracture healing and complete their healing within 2-6 months. Then the prosthesis stage can be passed. While it provides better speech and chewing function than traditional veneers and bridge prostheses, it also gives the face a natural appearance in terms of aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Dental Implants is an artificial tooth root made of titanium placed in the jaw bone in order to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. Over time, this artificial tooth root is fused with the bone of the jaw and palate and it is the best alternative to natural tooth roots.

As applied in tooth extraction, it is numbed with local anesthesia and surgical procedure is carried out. Besides, implementation is done using open and closed method of dentalimplant.

Implants which are placed into bone stick to bone and recovery is completed between 2-6 months as in bone fracture healing. Then it can proceed to the prosthetic phase. Not only does it provide better speech and chewing functions than traditional coatings and bridge prosthesis, but also it gives an aesthetically natural look on face.

Implants can be classified according to their quality as in other products.

There is a need for high-tech for implants made of titanium. Titanium has features of being compatible with jawbone and being expensive and precious metal. All materials used in the dental implant are imported from abroad. Cheap implant prices depend on the number and scope of the implants. During examination, you will be elaborated on the content and the cost of treatment. Before every implant treatment, examination is done.

The implant screws are the structures with specific thickness and width. Therefore, the area of the jaw bone, where implant is prescibed to place in, is required to have enough height and width to install the implant screw. The quality of bone is one of the factors affecting the success of the implant. In addition, before treatment and during the implants are kept in the mouth, gums should be completely healthy. As long as general health condition of the patient is good, there is no age limit for the implant. Implant is applicable on anyone with a good general state of health. However, it may not be preferred to apply to very young patients whose bone growth is incomplete.

The success of dental implants is directly related to the amount of bone around the implant. Bone loss may occur due to many different reasons. However, developing technologies allow us to increase the amount of bone around the implant with the one we get from the patient or artificial bone graft.

It can be determined if grafts can be used or not with preoperative radiographic techniques.

In dentistry, in case of insufficiency of the bone in implant process, bone level is increased by planting bone to the area and implant can be applied to construction.