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Dt.F. Çağla Güldü

Dt.F. Çağla Güldü; She was born in Sivas in 1993.

She studied English Preparation at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences English Preparation (Lithuania Wilnius) between 2011-2012. She graduated from International Humanitarian University of Dentistry (Odessa, Ukraine) between 2013-2018. In August 2022, she received her (Dermal Filling, Mesotherapy, Prp) trainings by Dr. Esra Bozbay. In 2023, she received Osstem End-to-End Implantology Course training. 2023 (Anterior Aesthetic Composite Resterations) was trained by Assoc. Dr. Bora Korkurt. In 2022, he received Porcelain Laminated Veneer training. In 2019, she received Invisalign Transparent Scanning training.

She speaks intermediate level German and good level English. Since 2018, she has been working at Dentapolitan. He works as Dentapolitan International Director. He is a member of Dentapolitan Board of Directors.


Dentapolitan International Director


International Humanitarian University of Dentistry