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Dt. Ercan TOPÇU

Dt. Ercan TOPÇU was born in BALIKESIR in 1960. He graduated from "ANKARAGAZİ HIGH SCHOOL" in 1978 and "ANKARA GAZİ UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY" in 1984. He is a member of "TURKISH DENTISTS UNION - ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF DENTISTS". For 40 years, he has been practicing his dentistry profession continuously in "DOMESTIC and FOREIGN", both in his private practice and in State Hospitals; He follows the latest developments in the dentistry profession very closely.

Dentist ERCAN TOPÇU, who constantly updated his professional knowledge in many congresses and seminars both in Turkey and abroad, worked in a private dental clinic in SAUDI ARABIA for about 2 years.

Dentist ERCAN TOPÇU, who has been working as the Chief Physician in ÜMRANİYE "DENTAPOLITAN MOUTH AND DENTAL HEALTH POLICLINIC" for about 4 years; Using the latest technological developments in DIGITAL DENTAL DENTISTRY, it performs the first examinations of patients coming to the polyclinic in ORAL DIAGNOSTICS POLICLINIC. He makes consultation with specialist physicians in his field for the healthy conclusion of the diagnosis-planning and treatment processes of the patients. Dentist ERCAN TOPÇU; He speaks a moderate degree of ENGLISH and a little ARABIC.


Dentapolitan Dental Hospitals Ümraniye Branch Chief Physician


Ataturk State Hospital Dentist


Suluova Private Practice Dentist


Taşova Private Practice Dentist


Al-Kohabar Private Dental Hospital Dentist


Topraklık Dental Treatment/Prosthesis Mrk. Dentist


Edremit Military Hospital Dentist


Private Practice Kazan/Ankara


Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry