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Dentist Havva Demir

Dt. Havva Demir


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Dt. Havva Demir was born in 1992. She is a member of the European Association of Neuroscience Societies and the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists of the Turkish Dental Association. Currently, Havva Demir provides treatment services in Dentapolitan Ümraniye branch.

She provides services in the fields of aesthetic fillings, scaling, whitening, root canal treatment and zirconium coating.

Havva Demir, who follows scientific developments in the field of physical and mental health both nationally and internationally, speaks academic English and intermediate French. She is the founder of Istanbul Beyin, a platform that aims to introduce neuroscience to young people.

In 2015, she graduated from Yeditepe University.

In 2017, she started her PhD in neuroscience at the same university and is preparing her thesis on trigeminal neuralgia.