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Dt. Şebnem Kocaoğlu

Dt. Şebnem Kocaoğlu; She was born in 1971 in İstanbul

She graduated from Samsun Anatolian Highschool in 1989 and Hacettepe University Facultate of Dentistry in 1995. She is a member of 'Turkish Dentists Association' and 'İstanbul Dentists Union'. She has been remarkably fullfilling her job in her own office since graduation.

She specializes in smile design, zirconium and lamina veneers, restorative dentistry, implant and crown/bridge prosthesis and masseter botox on bruxism treatment. Dt. ŞEBNEM KOCAOĞLU is comfortable to converse in an intermediate level English. She is giving service in the Bostancı branch of our hospital.


Dentaplolitan Dental Hospitals Bostancı Branch Chief Physician


Şebnem Kocaoğlu Dental Clinic


Hacettepe University Facultate of Dentistry