Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics

The appearance of face has significant social and psychological impacts on an individual’s personality. The most important basic elements that make up the attractiveness of the face are the eyes and the mouth. Dentures or false teeth, as people name it, are the artificial teeth to replace the missing teeth due to various reasons or to solve the aesthetic problems, and to fulfill the functions such as chewing, speaking.

Stable Prostheses


Our teeth, like any other organ in our body, is affected by distress throughout passing time. With aging, teeth are damaged in different degrees and types such as breaking, cracks, discoloration, erosion depending on parafunctional disorders and damage due to gum diseases. At the same time, accidents and bruises may cause the loss of tooth substance. In such cases, restorations in the teeth treatment which are made to replace the lost tissue are called porcelain veneer = porcelain dental crowns. In veneers, porcelain is used. Porcelains are the restorations which are obtained by baking the ceramic powders at high temperatures. Baking process provides ceramic to acquire an aspect in color and structure that is similar to the tooth enamel which constitutes the outside of the tooth. Porcelain veneers can protect their colors and forms stably for many years.

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