Now it is possible to cure our own defected natural teeth without putting dental braces. In recent years, with the development of three-dimensional modeling and computer programmes, new different methods have emerged to generate the force for tooth movement.

Almost Invisible Treatment, Visible Results!

Treatment with transparent plates is more comfortable than traditional bracketing methods. Since there is’nt any dental brace or metal in the mouth, no wound or ingrowth will occur. The treatment is painless compared to the traditional dental braces treatment. There is no any negative effect on speech, and there is no need to remove them in presentations or at meetings.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is actually an orthodontic treatment, the only difference is that it has been possible to fix teeth without wearing braces.

Can I Determine How My Teeth Will Be Shaped At The End Of Treatment?

The Patient and the dentist approve the production how the teeth will be at the end of the treatment by seeing the three-dimensional models. So,with your dentist you can prepare a special and ideal smile design for yourself. At the end of the treatment, you will not encounter an unwanted result or surprise and you will not be disappointed.

How To Fix Teeth Without Braces?

Teeth fixing model is done on the computer, the model you want is printed from the 3D printer, then invisalign plates are produced by pressing flexible transparent plates on them. Each plate has been adjusted to 0.5 mm and when you wear these adjusted plate on your teeth, the teeth also are forced to enter into the plates to provide the movement of the teeth. And so, teeth can move a little more on each plate change.

Where And How Are Transparent Plates Produced?

After obtaining the measures of dimensions with a special silicon, they are sent to the centers abroad where virtual models are created on computers with three-dimensional modeling methods. The last shape is determined in accordance with the patient’s wish on the computer by giving the desired movement on the models through computer teeth simulation.

After Measuring, How Many Weeks Does It Take For Plates To Come?

It takes about 5-6 weeks to send the measure abroad, to agree upon the ideal treatment plan and the production phase.

Can I See The Result Of Invisalign Treatment?

Yes, not only can you see the results of treatment with invisalign, you can also do planning and smile design you like with your doctor.

My Teeth Are Too Uneven. I Wonder If It Can Fix My Teeth? Is It Applicable To All Teeth?

Having too uneven teeth does not mean that the results of treatment will not be fine. It can be applied in severe perplexed problem. However, there are few specific tooth movements in which invisalign treatment cannot be applied. An experienced orthodontic specialist is always needed for this examination.

How Many Plates Should I Wear? How Many Hours A Day Will I Wear Them?

The duration of treatment and amount of plates to be used depend on the perpexity of teeth and desired amount of tooth movement. Each transparent plate tooth can be corrected up to 0.25 to 0.5 mm and they must be worn 18-20 hours a day for 14 days. At the end of the second week, the teeth take the shape of the plate and it is fixed to the second plate on which more correction has been made. For 14 days, the teeth take the shape of the new plate, so that after using a series of plates, teeth are corrected.

What Is The Biggest Advantage Of Invisalign Treatment?

Treatment with transparent plates are more comfortable than traditional bracketing methods. Since there is no any dental brace or metal in the mouth, no wound or ingrowth will occur. It is less painful than the traditional brace treatment. There is no negative effect on speech, there is no need to remove it in meetings or presentations.

Is There An Age Limit For Invisalign?

Invisalign can easily be applied on both young and adults. It can easily be worn up from 12 years old to 80 years old.

Does Invisalign Treatment Hurt?

A force must be applied for the movement of teeth. You will feel pressure for the first time you wear in transparent plates. Your teeth will adapt to this pressure after a short time.

How Often Will Orthodontics Control Be During My Invisalign Treatment?

Controls will be once in 2 or 3 months. Transparent plates are changed every 15 days. For example, if 20 plates are produced for your treatment, your treatment will correspond to a period of 10 months. Control sessions are fewer than those of traditional treatment methods.Thus, it brings a great advantage for patients from abroad.

How Many Hours A Day Do I Need To Wear Transparent Plates?

Transparent plates are required to be worn an average of 18 hours a day. Only while eating and occurring an important case, you are recommended to remove them maximum within 1-2 hours.

Should I Remove My Transparent Plates While Drinking Water Or Tea?

It is not necessary to remove them while drinking unsweetened drinks such as water at normal temperature. But it is recommended to remove them when you drink hot and sweet drinks like tea. Invisalign plates may be deformed in heat since they are made of thermoplastic.

Are Invisalign Plates Noticed In My Mouth?

The most important feature of Invisalign plate is that they are almost completely invisible. Except yourself no one can notice that you are wearing transparent plate.

Do Invisalign Plates Affect My Speech?

Invisalign plate does not cause speech disorder. After 1-2 days of acclimation period, our patients are unaware that whether the plate is in the mouth or not.

How To Clean Invisalign Plates?

Every evening you can clean your invisalign dental plates by brushing under warm water. Moreover, in cases when you cannot clean them, it can be useful to keep them in water with correge denture cleansing tablet for 15 minutes daily.

Do Invisalign Plates Cause Odour?

It is recommended to wash the invisalign plates each time when they are removed from the mouth. As long as saliva doesn’t drain on them and daily cleaning is done, it does not cause odour.

Does Tea And Tobacco Consummation Cause Yellowing On My Transparent Plates?

Excessive tea or smoking can cause yellowing on plates with time, but the use of each plate for 14 days means changing with new and clean plates when it begins to turn in yellow. Thus, you can comfortably consume tea and coffee and smoke. If you drink tea or coffee or smoke a lot in stable orthodontic treatment, you are required to pay dental cleaning fee for each session and it will cost you almost the price of invisalign.

Which Treatment Lasts Shorter: With Normal Braces Or With Invisalign Braces (Braceless Orthodontic Treatment)?

The most important feature of the invisalign treatment is not to slow down tooth movements by giving more force. When used correctly, it is possible to know the time of ending the treatment clearly. And it is also possible to see in which month how the teeth are seen in 3D. Invisalign treatment period may be relatively shorter than the normal period of orthodontic treatment.

Is Invisalign Treatment Expensive?

As with other orthodontic treatments, cost of treatment with transparent plates depends on the difficulty and complexity of the treatment. Although invisalign treatment is not so expensive according to its comfort and convenience, the price is more expensive than stable orthodontic brackets but is close to that of traditional braces treatment. Treatment prices are determined by the doctor who will do the treatment.

Do I Need To Have Tooth Filling Before The Invisalign Treatment?

Yes. Before starting the invisalign treatment, it is necessary to have all cavities cleared, have tartar cleaned off, and have all care work in the mouth finished. Your doctor may ask you to have your wisdom teeth pulled out if necessary, before the invisalign treatment. No transaction is done in the mouth after measuring. Prosthetic procedures such as bridge and implants are done after invisalign treatment finishes.

Is It Possible For The Orthognathic Surgery Patients To Wear Invisalign Instead Of Braces Before The Surgery?

Yes, teeth can be made ready for the operation with the help of invisalign and orthognathic surgery simulation. Thus, it is possible to enter orthognathic maxillofacial surgery without wearing braces and problems and difficulties, which occur in the mouth after surgery, will be removed.

Do Invisalign Aligners Involve Bisphenol-A Which Is Used In Plastic Production?

Invisalign aligners are used in baby bottles and PET bottles and they do not include Bisphenol-A or phthalates items which are absolutely banned to use by the US and the European Union since they cause many health problems. Therefore, you can safely have invisalign treatment in any period of your life including pregnancy, lactation.

After My Invisalign Plates Are Done, Is There Any Protective Processing?

After your Invisalign treatment is done (valid for all orthodontic treatments), very thin protective braces This thin brace certainly cannot be seen from outside. It is advised to wear them at least 2 years to avoid any distortion in your teeth.

Who Should Do The Invisalign Planning? Can It Be Done By Any Dentist?

The most important section of this treatment is planning phase. Orthodontic treatment planning is much more special and different than other dental treatments. Therefore, the dentist must be an expert to do this treatment. Orthodontic specialists are people who graduated from 4-year doctoral and specialist programs at universities, after their 5-year-dental education. With an improper planning, the desired results cannot be obtained and the need may arise to install braces by an orthodontist in places where the transparent plates cannot fix.

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