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Frequently asked Questions

What Is Orthodontics?

With orthodontic treatment you can have not only a beautiful smile but also the ability to chew and healthy teeth. A healthy and beautiful smile is an important factor for a person to be perceived as smart, effective and a good communicator.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. The main purpose of Orthodontics is to prevent the occurrence of disorders in teeth, oral and maxillofacial region. Meanwhile, it is the expertise branch which aims at stopping the progression of the disorder available, to treat, to maintain oral health and to provide a good aesthetic function (biting, chewing, talking, laughing).

How Do Orthodontic Disorders Occur?

  • Due to hereditary factors,
  • Congenital anomalies (lip, cleft palate etc)
  • Malfunctions (mouth breathing etc)
  • Harmful habits (thumb sucking, not using of pacifiers for a long time, etc)
  • Early loss of teeth due to cavities,
  • Gum problems (periodontologic problems) caused by movement of the teeth,
  • as a result of not finding enough space of wisdom teeth,
  • Lying shape,
  • Teeth grinding or trauma as a result of falling or crashing.

Why Should Orthodontic Disorders Be Treated?

  • To have a good facial aesthetics
  • To have a nice smile
  • To prevent the jaw joint disorders
  • For people to bite the food, chew and speak effectively.
  • To reduce susceptibility to gum disease and tooth decay

When Should Orthodontic Treatment Be Done?

Orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age. However, if there are problems especially related to the jaw area, in oerder to be able to fully benefit from the growth and development of adolescence, children are required to be examined before entering the adolescence (10-12 years). If necessary, the treatment should be started immediately.

For children aged 5-6 years, orthodontic examinations are very useful to detect early problems that can impair growth and development.

What Is Required For Orthodontic Diagnosis And Planning?

Some analyzes are required to be done for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning before the treatment. Your dentist will determine the condition of the teeth in the jaw by analyzing cephalometric radiographs. Laughter analysis and profile analysis are done through the photograph. Besides, a model analysis is needed to determine if teeth have sufficient place or dental size anomalies.

What Is Preventive Orthodontic Therapy?

The objective of this treatment is to prepare enough space for new teeth so that permanent teeth can stay properly. For this purpose, placeholders are prepared to protect the location of early lost deciduous teeth. Moreover, children who are prone to tooth decay are recommended to be followed by a paedodontist.

What Is Orthodontic Preventive Therapy?

It is the treatments to prevent the problems due to the factors called bad habits such as tongue sucking,finger sucking, abnormal swallowing, or to prepare room for permanent teeth by producing a variety of mobile devices.

What Is Constant Orthodontic Treatment?

After the permanent teeth grow after ages of 12-13, orthodontic treatment is carried out with brackets, which are adhered to teeth and kept there during the treatment, and the wire which passes through these brackets. Some dental disorders allow the implementation of brackets on the internal surface of the tooth, so it may be completely invisible (lingual orthodontics). Constant orthodontic treatment can be applied to patients of all ages with healthy teeth and gums. In order to maintain the obtained results of treatment, it is necessary to reinforce with various passive devices and requires treatment with externally invisible wire for a long-term.

Does Use Of External-Oral Devices Harm The Child?

External oral devices do not harm your child. It is often recommended to use at home, while in school or doing sports they may be removed.

Does Constant Orthodontic Treatment Last 4-5 Years?

For treatments of permanent braces lasting more than three years, it is mentioned in literature as “technically, there is a planning error.”

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Orthodontic treatment time depends on many factors. But the most important factor affecting the duration of orthodontic treatment is the severity of the orthodontic problem. Although the average treatment time is of 18 months, the duration of treatment can vary between 8-30 months, depending on the severity of the problem.

What Are The Foods Which Should Be Avoided Consuming During Orthodontic Treatment?

During the treatment of you should stay away from acidic drinks and sticky sweets, foods like caramel. During the treatment, hard foods like apple, quince, carrots should not be eaten by biting. It is appropriate to eat such foods in small pieces. Moreover, you had better not eat foods such as sandwiches, toast, hamburger during treatment since they are consumed by biting. It is not appropriate to eat nutrients like nuts, chestnuts, roasted chickpeas and also cherries, plums, olives without removing their seeds because their seeds may cause damage on the brackets and wires.

Is Tooth Extraction Possible For Orthodontic Treatment?

Tooth extraction for orthodontic treatment goal is a case that is not preferred by patients. While deciding on a tooth extraction, some criteria are taken into account such as the amount of perplexity in the upper and lower jaw, shape of upper and lower jaw growth and patient’s face profile. For orthodontic treatment, first, small grinders are usually extracted. It is because these teeth are close to perplexity area, and there is a pair of them on both sides of jaws, and extraction of these teeth doesn’t bother aesthetically. Tooth extraction may be necessary for a successful orthodontic treatment to make the obtained results more stable.

Will There Be A Gap In Extracted Region?

After extraction, tooth extracted area is completely closed. However, in some cases (tooth size anomalies or bone deficiencies) gaps may remain. In this case, if tooth size is insufficient, gap filling is planned through restoration. Thus, the ideal dental aesthetics is provided at the end of treatment.

Can Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted For Orthodontic Treatment Reasons?

Yes, dentists may decide to pull out these teeth since they consider the position of wisdom teeth and their negative effects on the treatment.

Can Embedded Teeth Be Sustainable?

Embedded teeth can remain with orthodontic treatment. In rare cases, it is impossible for the teeth to remain. 3D volumetric tomography is used to diagnose the potential of sustainability of embedded teeth and their position in the bone.

How Often Should Appointments For Orthodontic Treatment Be?

In Dentapolitan Dental Hospital, appointments are arranged according to the patient’s condition. For regular patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, it ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. In special cases which require more frequent monitoring, the appointments are given accordingly.

How To Use Rubber Dam?

During orthodontic treatment, our patients are required to use rubber dam fitted on teeth with the objective of assisting the movement of teeth or jaw. Continuum of rubber dam use is essential. In the case where they are not used in accordance with the instructions of your dentist, desired movement may not be obtained and even it may cause pain.

Is There Any Invisible Bracket Treatment?

In recent years, the use of tooth-colored porcelain brackets has increased which are less conspicuous than metal brackets. Also the brackets systems (lingual bracket) which are placed in on the lingual surface of the tooth have been developed. In Dentapolitan Dental Hospital, for appropriate cases, perplexity is corrected with transparent molds (invisalign treatment) without the use of brackets and braces. These customized patterns, which are changed once in two weeks, are required to be used about 20 hours a day. The duration of treatment depending on patients may ranged from 2 to 24 months.

What Is Consolidate Treatment?

After the braces are removed from teeth, teeth want to return to their former position. Stable or moving consolidate dental appliances are used to keep them in their current position. If these appliances are not used in proposed duration, the teeth deteriorate over time.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Expensive?

Price of Orthodontic treatment vary according to the case. For orthodontic treatment is a long-term treatment, convenient payment alternatives in accordance with patient’s budget can be offered.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Affect Speech?

Braces do not affect the speech directly. Only slight changes in speech can be monitored on a-week-adaptation period after replacing braces.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Possible For Adults?

Yes, orthodontic treatment is also possible for adult patients. In the orthodontic department of our hospital, we offer the options of ur braces are deplaced and braces wax is not efficient.

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