Zirconium & Porcelain Veneering

Zirconium Porcelain Veneers

With increasing expectations of having aesthetical teeth similar to the natural ones, the use of aesthetical materials in the mouth, especially in front parts, has gained more importance. New alternatives have been searched since metal supported porcelain we have used for many years has had the failure to achieve a natural appearance due to lack of light transmitting in the system and has caused graying in the gums due to allergic cases from time to time.

Laminated Porcelain Veneers

Laminated veneers are very thin porcelains that can be applied especially in the front teeth. Strengthening the physical properties of the porcelain has enabled to make it much thinner. Contemprary dentistry with a more conservative approach highlights restorative procedures requiring less tissue loss. Porcelain laminates are the restorations which are applicable to dental tissues without any or very rare operations. Since the color permeability of laminae, which are stuck by using a special adhesive, is very good, it gives aesthetically excellent results.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Zirconium Porcelain Veneers?

With increasing expectations of having aesthetical teeth similar to the natural ones, the use of aesthetical materials in the mouth, especially in front parts, has gained more importance. New alternatives have been searched since metal supported porcelain we have used for many years has had the failure to achieve a natural appearance due to lack of light transmitting in the system and has caused graying in the gums due to allergic cases from time to time.

Zirconium, with the distinction of being tissue friendly, has been used in dentistry. With the use of zirconium in dentistry, durability close to metal infrastructure is provided. The reasons why zirconium doesn’t reflect from the bottom as other materials do, it doesn’t cause coloration of the gums and it shows a resistance to corrosion, lead to increase in its use.

What is the Biggest Advantage of Zirconium Veneer?

The most important advantage is that the zirconium porcelain is aesthetical. Thanks to its light transmission characteristics, a full compliance with the natural teeth can be achieved. This makes it possible to obtain an excellent aesthetic result.

Do They Look Like Natural Teeth?

Metal based porcelain does not certainly cause an artificial appearance because it does not have a metal reflection.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium for Patients And Dentists?

Since it has a high quality of aesthetical appearance and the high light permeability, its appearance is just like a natural tooth. Since the porcelain blocks to be used are completely prepared with digital techniques, they minimize the error margin.

Is Zirconium Expensive?

Zirconium crown costs are initially more expensive than the metal based porcelain. However, with its tissue compatibility and aesthetically being better, it becomes cheaper than the metal based porcelain in long-term.

Prices Show Variability.Is There Cheap Zircone?

Yes. In recent years, cheap China-originated blocks of zirconium have been imported and affordable zirconium veneers have been in markets. Their compatibility, aesthetics, quality and duration are very low. Therefore, prices may vary. In addition, criteria such as the speciality of the dentist in the field of dental treatment and the quality sterilisation materials during treatment process, are the factors that affect pricing. Cheap treatment can cost you more expensive.

Can Zirconium Be Used For Porcelain Over Implants?

It can be used in implant prosthesis as well as in crown bridge treatment. The top of zirconium material is covered with porcelain and ceramic,so aesthetically successful results are obtained. Its most important feature is to be tissue-friendly. In comparison to chewing pressure, it is very durable. Since they have the color of natural teeth, they don’t reflect gray color from the gums.

Can Zirconium Be Used For Those With Metal Allergies?

Zirconium metal veneers do not contain metal, therefore it will not cause allergy.

Is It Healthier Than Metal Infrastructured Porcelain?

It is not allergic because 99% it is atissue-friendly material. Compared to metal supported prosthesis, it is more advantageous in terms of general health.

Will There Be Any Taste Change In Mouth?

Since it is not metal content, it does not create any taste change and does not cause odor.

Does It Cause Odor?

Thanks to gum compliance and full adaptation to the cut tooth, it is the closest alternative to the natural tooth. It does not create odor.

Do Zirconium Teeth Cause Coloring Or Yellowing In Future?

It does not cause plaque accumulation due to its polished and smooth surface. For this reason, it is not affected by colorants such as coffee, tea, cigarette. Color stays constant.

Does It Make Any Reflections from Veneer Bottom of Dark Colored Teeth?

Since the tooth growing from bottom has the ability of masking tooth color, even in very dark teeth can be achieved excellent aesthetical results.

How Should I Care My Zirconium Veneer?

You can do the mouth cleaning in the same way you brush your natural teeth. Dental floss for between teeth, and “superfloss” for toothless regions under the bridge are used. Possible problems can be prevented after examining by a dentist with a regular once in 6-month checks.

Do Roots of Zirconium Veneer Rot? How Can I Use Them?

Since they are manufactured with a highly sensitive work,they exactly fit on the clipped tooth surface. In this way, since no gap remains between the zirconium porcelain tooth and the natural one where bacteria can penetrate, it does not allow caries to form. Duration of us varies depending on the person and operating conditions, but it is more durable than metal prosthesis infrastructure. You can use it for many years as long as regular checks are made.

When Demanded To Change, Does It Make Any damage on my tooth while removing?

Zirconium veneer is removed by cutting off so that you will not feel any discomfort. It does not cause any tooth tissue loss.

Is A Special Bonding Needed?

Traditionally applied bonding technique is used, there is no separate special bonding technique.

Can Temporary Bonding Be Done?

Yes, temporary bonding is possible.

How To Apply Zirconium Veneer?

Tooth is reduced into a small amount as in metal supported veneer; and when the gum is healthy enough, a precise measurement is taken with special measuring materials and a spoon which fits into the mouth. In the laboratory, zirconium infrastructure with the appropriate tooth color and porcelain superstructure are adapted in the clinical setting. Finally, it is adapted to the tooth with a special adhesive permanently. Then, you can use them with your own teeth easily without any difference.

How Much Loss Of Material Happens During Operation?

Material loss is more than porcelain laminates. It is the same as the metal ceramic veneer. A trimming is done between 1-2mm from the normal tooth surface.

Will I Feel Pain During Operation?

The cutting process is carried out under local anesthesia; and after that,the pain as a result of hot and cold is prevented by making a temporary tooth-colored veneer. In a small proportion of patients a mild tingle process is seen. In general terms, the process is completed without any distress.

Will Clipped Teeth Hurt In Future? Is Canal Treatment Required?

Since it has a very good heat insulation property, they transmit less heat to teeth than the metal based porcelain. Thus, hot / cold sensitivity does not occur on the teeth which zirconium based porcelain is implemented. Moreover, since temperature change is less, the pulp damage occurs less and need for the root canal treatment decreases.

Does Hot-Cold Sensitivity Develop?

Since Zirconium oxide has heat insulation aspect, hot-cold sensitivity cannot be developed.

Will I Have Any Aesthetical Problems During Treatment?

The temporary veneer made especially with your permanent front teeth will be similar with shape of zirconium veneer. The veneers whose material is made of acrylic are not resistant to force, but they will satisfy you enough for their color matching and shapes.

How Many Days Are Enough To Complete The Process?

The operation is completed within 7 days for patients who don’t have gum problems. According to the taste of the patient, a few rehearsals can be added until the satisfaction of both the patient and the dentist is provided.

Is There Any Age Of Zirconium Applications?

After the eruption of permanent teeth, treatment can be done at any age. However, the treatment applied until the age of 16 may need be renewed frequently, because spacing will be observed as a result of jaw growth during the development period. So, it is not recommended.

Is It More Fragile Than Ceramic and Metal?

It can be used safely in the rear of teeth thanks to its high resistance. Although it is so durable, it is also elegant and aesthetical enough for light to pass through. They are as durable as metal infrastructured crowns and bridges. It is less fragile than porcelain. When compared with metal, its amount of stretching is less but fragility is more. This feature ensures the adaptation of porcelain to zirconium and metal better. As a result it minimizes the porcelain breaks.

Is it Common to Have Breaking or Falling of Zirconium Veneer?

Reverse and more visible force in breaking cracking possibility of breaking this strong but she is almost the same. Repair can be done largely in a clinical setting. Tooth decay over time may be reduced if the starting material under the veneer loss. In such cases, it is possible dental treatment and veneer adhered again.

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Zirconium Veneer?

Long toothless gaps are not recommended, since it will increase the possibility of breakage in the rear region.

Will There Be Any Gum Gingivitis?

Researches have proven the compliance of the treatment with gums. In the normal process, with aging, gingivitis may occur. However, since the zirconium veneers prepared are highly compatible with gums, gingival gum recession and gingivitis are out of question.

Is It Applicable For Patients with Gum Disease?

First of all, gum disease is eliminated. After the complete healing it is very adaptable to the gums in all respects. When cutting and pasting processes are realized successfully, the satisfying results are achieved.

Do My Zirconium Teeth Cause Staining On My Gum?

It is a tissue-friendly material. Gum compliance is much better than conventional metal based porcelain. The tooth discoloration, seen commonly around the neck in metal infrastructure, never appears in the zirconium porcelain. You can laugh comfortably.

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