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How do you clean dental stones/tartar at home? Dentapolitan Oral and Dental Health Hospitals in Turkey, Istanbul

How do you clean dental stones/tartar at home? in turkey, istanbul

Can I remove tooth stone myself?

Natural products recommended for cleaning teeth at home can damage tooth enamel if used incorrectly and frequently. Those who want to clean the tartar settled between the tooth and the gum on the tooth surface with natural methods at home, search the internet search engines "How to clean the tartar at home?" asks the problem. As Turkey Istanbul Dentapolitan Oral and Dental Health Hospitals, we must state that using baking soda, lemon, salt, vinegar, coconut oil and olive oil for cleaning teeth at home will not have any obvious benefit.

There may be small breaks in the tartar with the products recommended for dental tartar cleaning at home, but the tartar is not completely cleaned. Most of these products have corrosive properties. When the tooth is damaged by the abrasive nature of these products, a longer course of dental treatment than scaling may be required.

What is dental stone?

Tooth stone is also known as tartar. Food waste causes plaque formation on teeth that are not brushed regularly, correctly and effectively. These plaques harden over time and turn into tartar at the junction of the gums and teeth.

How to remove dental stone-tartar at home

Products such as baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon, olive oil, coconut oil etc are recommended for those who want to clean their teeth at home. Now let's examine them one by one.

    Baking Soda for Dental Stone Cleaning at Home

    There are people who recommend baking soda to those who want to clean their teeth at home. Due to its carbonate structure, it has a whitening effect on the teeth, but it cannot clean the tartar. Brushing your teeth with baking soda can lighten your teeth slightly. Of course, for a significant teeth whitening process, we recommend that you have a teeth whitening procedure at our Dentapolitan Dental Hospital.

    Gargle with Vinegar for Dental Stone Cleaning at Home

    There is information circulating on the internet that gargling with vinegar to clean teeth at home will break down tartar. Since vinegar is an acidic and corrosive substance, it can cause tiny fractures in dental stones. Vinegar cannot clean teeth tartar. It can reduce oral bacteria, but its corrosiveness means it can also damage teeth.

    Salt Lemon Mixture for Dental Stone Cleaning at Home

    The recommendation to brush your teeth with a mixture of salt and lemon to clean your teeth at home is also a very wrong suggestion. Both of these products are corrosive. Doing this for a long time may scratch the tooth enamel, causing tooth yellowing and tooth decay. Fillings, root canal treatment and crowns may be needed to treat tooth decay.

    Gargle with Coconut Oil or Olive Oil for Dental Stone Cleaning at Home

    Coconut oil and olive oil are beneficial oils for the body. Rinsing the mouth with these oils for 20-30 minutes may provide some benefits for the gums. Dental tartar cannot be cleaned with this process.

The procedures listed above may cause tiny crumbles in the dental stones, but a real dental stone cleaning can only be done by the dentist, using special tools; It is possible by scraping the tooth surface and cleaning the inside of the gum.

For cleaning teeth at home, it is more effective to first prevent tartar formation. For this, teeth should be brushed regularly. Before brushing the teeth, the floss should be made in a C shape and placed on the teeth and moved up and down. This process allows scraping the food waste accumulated on the tooth surface. It prevents plaque formation and therefore tartar (dental stone) formation. People who pay attention to oral hygiene usually do not have tartar.

How to remove plaque and tartar

Dental stone can be broken down and crumbled to some extent with some natural methods used at home, but it is not possible to completely clean it at home. Dental tartar can only be completely cleaned with the scaling apparatus used by our experienced dentists in a dental hospital. Our dentists check dental plaque with tiny dental mirrors. With special apparatus, the parts of the tooth surface that have penetrated into the gum are cleaned. In this way, gum health and long-term dental health are protected.

What happens if the tartar is not cleaned?

When dental tartar is not cleaned, it forms a pocket in the gum and moves towards the tooth root. In such a case, immediate intervention is required by periodontologists. Because when such advanced tartar is not cleaned, it causes tooth loss even if the teeth are healthy. If tartar is not removed, gingivitis may occur.

If tartar is not cleaned for many years, gum disease occurs. Tooth loss may occur due to the effects of tartar and gum disease. When a tooth is lost, implant treatment should be performed to regain the functions of the tooth and for aesthetic beauty.

Dental stone cleaning devices at home

Dental stone cleaning devices at home excite people. These devices, however, have detoxifying properties. The use of these devices by untrained individuals on their own can cause tooth wrinkledness or rotation due to the carving of the tooth. The stone must be cleaned in a hospital environment with special dental equipment.

Is cleaning a toothstone harmful?

Scaling performed by experienced dentists is not harmful, on the contrary, it is very beneficial for the patient's gum health and dental health in the long term. Since oral hygiene is supported by dental scaling, it helps the individual's natural teeth last longer. Make an appointment to have your dental stones done at one of our Dentapolitan Oral and Dental Health Hospitals.