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What Is Laser Filling Treatment ?

Dental Treatment with Laser Treatment

Laser dental treatments have added a new dimension to dental treatments. Laser applications have been used in medicine for the last 50-60 years. Laser energy, which was used only in teeth whitening and soft tissue operations in the field of dentistry, is now used in many processes from the treatment of tooth and gum diseases to dental aesthetics, with the development of new hard tissue lasers.


Dental implant treatment, cleaning of caries, performing dental fillings, root canal treatments, drying of inflammations at the root tip, all kinds of surgical procedures and aesthetic dental treatments in the gingiva and jawbone, gingival shaping can be performed with laser applications. In addition, the tooth color is whitened, the sensitivity of sensitive teeth is removed, aphthae and herpes treatments can also be done with the laser method.

Can Surgical Treatments be Performed with Laser ?

In treatment applications with laser technology, the required surgical application is simplified and can be performed in a short time. The laser beam is used in various stages of surgical operations. In surgical procedures with laser support, bone operations, bone removal procedures required for 20-year-old extraction and various bone shaping can be performed without damaging the surrounding tissues. The patient can easily continue his daily life after surgical interventions and does not experience difficulties such as speaking and eating. Dental treatment with laser provides significant convenience in the treatment of pediatric patients and patients of all ages who have a fear of dentists. Dental treatment with laser can be preferred in pregnant women and individuals with serious systemic diseases such as heart disease. Thus, patients feel more comfortable.