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What is Zirconium Crowns & Veneers?

Zirconium veneers; Along with aesthetic expectations similar to natural teeth, attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the materials used in the mouth, especially in the anterior regions. New alternatives have begun to be sought because metal-supported porcelains, which have been used for many years, cannot provide a natural appearance due to the lack of light permeability in the systems and cause allergic cases in the person from time to time, as well as cause graying of the gums over time.

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Zirconium has started to be used in dentistry with its tissue friendly feature. With the use of zirconium in dentistry, durability close to the metal infrastructure has been achieved. The fact that it does not reflect under porcelain like other materials and does not cause discoloration on the gums and its resistance to corrosion has increased the use of zirconium.

How Are Zirconium Veneers Applied?

In the application of the Zirconium Veneer, the tooth is slightly reduced, as in metal-supported veneers, and when the gingiva becomes healthy, a precise measurement is taken with special impression materials and spoons suitable for the mouth. In the laboratory environment, zirconium substructure and porcelain superstructure are processed and adapted to the tooth in the clinical environment. Finally, it is permanently adapted to the tooth with special adhesives. Now you can easily use your Zirconium Veneer without distinguishing it from your own teeth.

What is the Biggest Advantage of Zirconium Veneers?

The most important advantage of Zirconium porcelain is its aesthetics. Thanks to its light transmittance properties, a full harmony with natural teeth can be achieved. In this way, an excellent aesthetic result can be obtained with Zirconium.

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Can Zirconium be used in Implant-Top Porcelains?

Zirconium Veneer It can be used on implant prostheses as well as crown bridge works. The top of the Zirconium material is covered with porcelain and ceramic, and aesthetically successful results are obtained. The most important feature is that it is tissue friendly. It is quite resistant to chewing pressure, and because it is tooth-colored, it does not reflect gray from the gums.

How long Can I Use The Bottom Of Zirconium Veneers?

Since Zirconiums are produced with a very sensitive work, they are perfectly compatible with the cut tooth surface. In this way, since there is no gap between the Zirkonium porcelain and the tooth where bacteria can infiltrate, it does not allow the formation of caries. The duration of use varies depending on the person and the conditions of use, but Zirconium Veneers are longer lasting than metal-based prostheses. You can use it for many years when regular checks are made.

Zirconium Coating prices vary a lot. Is there Cheap Zircon?

Yes, in recent years, cheap blocks of Chinese origin have come and affordable zircon coatings have come to the market. Their compatibility, aesthetics, quality and lifespan are low. For this reason, prices may vary. In addition, in Zirconium Veneer, criteria such as the expertise of the dentist in this field and the quality of sterilization materials in the treatment process are factors that affect the pricing. Going cheap can cost you more.

Will I Feel Pain During Zirconium Application?

The cutting processes are performed under local anesthesia. Afterwards, a temporary coating in tooth color is applied to prevent stinging in hot and cold conditions. A slight tingling is seen in very few of the patients, and the process is completed without any problems in general.

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Zirconium veneer is a method of porcelain veneeer with zirconium dioxide infrastructure. They don't contain metal. In special furnaces, it is combined with oxygen and converted into zirconium ceramics and used as a veneer material. It is usually preferred by people with tooth decay or who want to have a more aesthetic white smile. Due to its aesthetic effectiveness, it is commonly used in front teeth. Zirconium veneers are applied after a circumcision is made to accommodate the thickness of the material.

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Zirconium; Is it more fragile than porcelain and metal?

Zirconium Veneers Thanks to their high resistance, they can also be used safely on the teeth in the posterior regions. As they are so powerful, they are also elegant and aesthetic enough to pass light. It is as durable as metal-based crowns and bridges. It is less fragile than porcelain. Compared to metal, the amount of stretching is less and the brittleness is higher. This allows porcelain to adapt better to zirconium, to metal. As a result, it minimizes porcelain fractures.

Is Breakage or Falling of Zirconium Coating Common?

In Zirconium, fracture and cracking can be seen in reverse and excessive force, but this is almost the same as the probability of breaking a solid tooth. It can be repaired to a large extent in the clinical setting. If the tooth under the veneer starts to decay over time and loss of material occurs, it may fall out. In such cases, the tooth is treated if possible and the veneer is adhered again.

Will there be pain in the future in the cut teeth? Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Since Zirconium has a very good heat insulating property, they transmit less heat to the tooth than porcelain with metal base. In this way, hot/cold sensitivity does not occur in teeth with zirconium based porcelain applied. In addition, since the temperature variability is less, pulpal damage occurs less and the need for root canal treatment is reduced.

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Are Zirconium Veneers Similar to Natural Teeth?

Since there is no metal reflection under Zirconium Coatings, the artificial image seen in porcelain with metal infrastructure does not occur.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium for Patients and Physicians?

Zirconium Coating Since the aesthetic appearance quality of the tooth is high and its light transmittance is high, its appearance is like a natural tooth. Since the porcelain blocks to be used are prepared with completely digital techniques, the margin of error is minimized.

Is Zirconium Veneers Expensive?

The cost of the Zirconium crown is initially more expensive than the metal-based porcelains. However, with its tissue compatibility, durability and aesthetic superiority, it is cheaper than metal-based porcelain in the long term.

How Should I Care for My Zirconium Veneers?

After Zirconium Coating is done, you can clean your mouth the same way you brush your natural teeth. Dental floss is used between the teeth and "Superfloss" is used for toothless areas under the Bridge. Problems that may occur when physicians visit regularly every 6 months are determined and precautions are taken.

How Many Days Is The Zirconium Coating Process Completed?

Zirconium Coating process is completed within 7 days in patients with good gums. Depending on the taste of the patients, a few rehearsals can be added until both the physician and the patient are satisfied.

Can Zirconium be applied at all ages?

After the eruption of permanent teeth, treatment can be performed at any age. However, in treatments up to the age of 16, it may need to be renewed frequently, as gaps will be observed as a result of jaw growth during the developmental period. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Will My Gums Retract After Zirconium Coating?

Studies have proven that Zirconium is compatible with gums. In the normal process, gingival recession occurs with age, however, since the prepared zirconium veneers are extremely compatible with the gingiva, there will be no gingival recession and gingivitis due to this.

Do Zirconium Teeth Color and Turn Yellow in the Future?

Zirconium, which has a polished and smooth surface, does not cause plaque accumulation. For this reason, it is not affected by colorants such as coffee, tea, cigarettes. The color remains constant.

I Have Gum Disease Can I Have Zirconium Veneer?

First of all, gum disease is eliminated. After the healing is achieved, it is very compatible with the gingiva in all respects, and when the cutting and bonding processes are performed successfully, results that make the patients smile are achieved.

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Which one is better? Zirconium or Laminate?

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When deciding whether to use zirconium or laminate, it is necessary to know information such as the zirconium application takes less time, the laminate is placed on only one side of the tooth, and the zirconium surrounds the tooth all around.

The main difference between zirconium and laminate veneer is that in the application of laminate, no cut from the tooth is made or only a minimal degree of cut is made.
Laminate veneers are applied in this way only to the front of the tooth.

There is also a single application for each tooth.
However, zirconium has enough thickness to accommodate the material thickness. Application is made after all-round cutting. It differs from laminates in that it is fully covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zirconium & Porcelain Veneers

Zirconium coatings do not contain metal, so they do not cause metal allergies.

Since zirconium is a 99% tissue-friendly material, it is not allergic. It is more advantageous in terms of general body health compared to metal supported prostheses.

Zirconium Since it does not contain metal, it does not cause any taste change, nor does it cause odor.

Zirconium Veneers It is the closest option to the natural tooth, thanks to its gingival compatibility and full adaptation to the cut tooth. It does not create odor.

Excellent aesthetic results can be obtained even in very dark colored teeth with Zirconium, which has the ability to mask the tooth color coming from below.

Since Zirconium veneers are cut and removed, you will not feel any discomfort. It does not cause tissue loss in teeth.

Traditionally applied bonding technique is used, Zirconium does not have a special bonding technique.

Yes, temporary bonding is possible for Zirconium.

Zircone Loss of substance is more than porcelain Lamina. It is the same as metal-backed porcelain veneers. A shave of 1-2 mm is made from your normal tooth surface.

Since Zirconium Oxide has heat insulating property, hot-cold sensitivity does not develop.

Temporary crowns, especially on front teeth, will be similar in shape to your permanent zirconium crowns. These coatings, which are made of acrylic as a material, are not resistant to force, but will satisfy you enough in terms of color harmony and shape.

Zirconium Coating is not recommended for people with long edentulous intervals, as the possibility of fracture in the posterior regions will increase.

Zircons It is a tissue-friendly material. Gingival compatibility of Zirconium is much better than classical metal-based porcelains. The coloration of the neck area of the tooth, which is frequently seen in porcelain with metal infrastructure, is definitely not seen in zirconium. You can laugh easily now.

Because zirconium veneers are metal-free, they do not trigger metal allergies.